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Endures is involved in new and upcoming clean energies such as offshore wind, floating solar panels and marine renewable energies (tidal, marine current, ocean thermal energy conversion)

Casetudy: Sediment analysis as part of a full corrosion risk assessment for offshore wind structure


Offshore wind farm owner, engineering bureau



A new offshore wind farm was planned for installation in the North Sea. For a full corrosion risk assessment microbial influenced corrosion (MIC) needed to be kept in mind as a possible corrosion mechanism on the selected site. To determine if corrosion-relevant microorganisms were present in the sediment of the site, microbial analysis using a combined approach of growth-based methods (MPN’s) and molecular tools (q-PCR), was carried out from borehole samples.



The presence of corrosion-relevant microorganisms was detected in samples from different locations of the planned offshore wind farm. Microbial activity was positive at specific depths. Based on this data and consideration of the sediment-layer formation, an assessment was made of potential corrosion risks for metal structures at this site. Endures also provided advice for corrosion protection.

Note that, in addition to microbial analysis, Endures can help you choose a suitable corrosion monitoring system.

Samples taken from different locations at sea for a future offshore windfarm park


MIC-related analysis at an early stage can drastically improve protection of structures from corrosion.