Corrosion costs the industry millions every year

The Endures team of experts helps you reduce your costs by:

1) Choosing the best materials specifically for your project
2) Effectively protecting those materials and your investment

How can we help you?

Corrosion / Soil Corrosion

Treatment of corrosion and coatings failure?
Through onsite and lab analysis, we offer today’s most advanced solutions.


Damage and research

Failure analysis or failure claim for insurance companies?
Broken pipes or damaged sprinkler installation?
Endures determines the cause and provides repair options that will best meet your goals.

Antifouling and protective coatings

Need more information about antifouling and protective coatings?
We have the proven knowledge and extensive skills to safeguard your assets.

Microbiologic Influenced Corrosion (MIC)

Want to learn about the challenges and solutions to microbial influenced corrosion?
Our resourceful lab team and state-of-the-art equipment are fine-tuned
to solve even the most difficult corrosion problems.


– Coatings selection and protection
– Corrosion and coatings failure analysis
– Researching causes and predicting future corrosion damage
– Reducing operational costs by choosing the right materials to protect your assets

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About Endures

Our company name is based on our success in improving the durability of coatings and the assets they protect: “endurance through research.” Endures conducts extensive research on vessels, installations and construction worldwide to determine coatings conditions, types of corrosion damage, circumstances affecting coating and structure integrity, and many other aspects to recommend the best course of action for asset owners. To prevent damage in the future, Endures offers solutions based on microbiological expertise, electrochemistry and leading-edge corrosion and materials science.

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