Overview of our services

Corrosion services:

  • Consultancy on corrosion protection and coating failures
  • Corrosion risk analysis
  • Applied research on corrosion protection methods
  • Root cause analysis of corrosion failures in sprinkler systems
  • Review of cathodic protection plans
  • Electrochemical measurements for investigation of corrosion processes
  • Exposure tests of materials in:
    • Natural seawater
    • C4 atmospheric environment
    • CO2 and chemical environments
    • Deep sea (high pressure) environment

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Failure analysis and Material selection services:

  • Consultancy on selection of metals for dedicated applications
  • Root cause analysis of material failures
  • Microscopic investigation of composition and micro-structure of metals
  • Electrochemical measurements on material durability in multiple environments
  • 3-D microscopy for characterization of surface properties and pit depths
  • Review and investigation of metal certificates and specifications
  • Consultancy on purchase of special materials and alloys

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Protective coatings services:

  • Exposure tests in maritime (C3/C4) environment
  • c disbonding tests
  • Immersion tests in flowing natural seawater
  • Coating inspections on buildings, vessels, pipelines and infrastructure
  • Consultancy on coating application aspects
  • Root cause analysis of coating failures
  • Electrochemical measurements (EIS) on barrier properties of coatings
  • Review of coating specifications and inspection test plans (ITP)
  • Coating tests for G-9 approval (IMO/GESAMP) of ballast water treatment systems

These are just a few of the many protective coatings services we can provide.
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Antifouling services:

  • Efficacy tests of antifouling coatings in raft exposure according to ECHA requirements
  • Erosion measurements of self-polishing antifouling coatings in natural seawater
  • Consultancy on regulatory aspects of antifouling products
  • Applied research on alternative techniques for antifouling
  • Friction drag tests on ship hull coatings with and without marine fouling
  • Investigation of long-term friction drag properties of hull coatings in simulated ship sailing patterns
  • Hull inspections on coating and fouling condition and analysis of hull coating failures
  • Consultancy on fuel-saving hull maintenance
  • Supervision of dive inspections on fouling condition

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Microbial Influenced Corrosion (MIC) services:

  • Root cause analysis of MIC-related material failures
  • MIC risk analysis on materials and structures in soil and under immersion
  • Molecular tools (q-PCR; NGS) for diagnosis and activity assessments of MIC in samples from different environments
  • MIC risk and failure analysis of offshore wind foundations
  • Reviews and second opinions on MIC-related data in failure cases and environmental samples
  • MIC risk and failure analysis in sprinkler systems and fire extinguishing installations
  • Exposure tests of metals to aerobic and anaerobic MIC
  • Consultancy on preventive and protective strategies on MIC

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More information about our services?

Soil Corrosion services:

Soil can be as corrosive as any other environment.

Factors affecting the anodic and cathodic polarization characteristics of metals in soil are:

  • Porosity/ aeration
  • Electrical conductivity or resistivity
  • Dissolved salt content
  • Water retention/ moisture
  • pH/ soil acidity

Do you need help to characterize soil corrosivity on your site and to get corrosion advice for structures which need to be (partially) buried? Endures corrosion experts can offer you the complete package.

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