A unique combination of people, research, knowledge and language diversity (English, Dutch, French, German and Chinese)
Endures is an independent contract research company specializing in applied research on (microbial) corrosion, failure analysis and antifouling and is based in The Netherlands. Endures is a spin-off company of the public research organisation TNO and the former corrosion laboratory of the Royal Netherlands Navy. Expertise of the group involves corrosion science/electrochemistry, microbiology, metallurgy, antifouling and coating technology.

Endures offers a unique combination of outstanding people, research capabilities, extensive knowledge, global experience and language diversity (English, Dutch, French, German and Chinese).

Our name originates from the concept of “endurance through research.” Endures conducts research on vessels, off shore installations and land based structures and buildings to determine the type of corrosion damage, exposure and environmental conditions and all other aspects necessary to finding a precise solution. To prevent future damage, Endures combines microbiological expertise, electrochemistry and expert knowledge of metallurgy and materials.

Endures has extensive experience with corrosion and damage investigation, and our expertise is mainly in the marine corrosion and fouling resistance field. If you or your company have questions about materials and material protection, or your company is faced with damage caused by material failure or corrosion, feel free to contact us with your questions and concerns.

The Endures formula of success

Our employees define our success and we are proud to call them Team Endures. Our people are very flexible, employable 24/7 and have proven expert knowledge. Our team of specialists is comprised of a unique mix of education, age, gender, culture and language (English, Dutch, French, German and Chinese). Click here to meet our team!

In addition to our excellent people, our laboratory facilities are a very important part of our success. In the first place our unique facilities to carry out experiments in (running) natural seawater: a unique selling point. In addition Endures has a C3/C4 seaside testing location that enables us to expose coated and uncoated panels and objects to maritime exposure conditions both aerial and immersed as well in the tidal or splash zone. In the harbour of Den Helder, the main base of the Royal Netherlands Navy, we have a raft that is used for efficacy tests of antifouling paints. We also have a state-of-the-art laboratory with instruments capable of researching and offering solutions to corrosion-related problems, including advanced microscopes to study biofilms and microbial corrosion as well as metal microstructures. Finally we are in possession of advanced electrochemical equipment to study corrosion behaviour of metals in various exposure conditions including chemical solutions as well as elevated pressure.

Our specialists have expert knowledge of corrosion, metallurgy, electrochemistry, MIC (microbiologically influenced corrosion), antifouling and protective coatings.

Unique approach
Endures has over 50 years of experience. Corrosion problems come in different shapes and forms. To find an appropriate solution, Endures combines microbiological expertise, electrochemistry and the expert knowledge of materials. This approach results in custom made solutions that add value, reduce costs and prevent future damage.

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